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Sontay  RE-PR3-E-86&105 3-Phase Panel Mount 86 and 105kW
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Input signal 0-10Vdc, 0-5Vdc, 4-20mA or manual via potentiometer Supply (control)* 24Vac/dc ±10% Supply (load) 3-Phase 400V RMS ±10% 50/60Hz Power / current ratings: 86kW 119A per phase 105kW 146A per phase Fusing High speed semiconductor type ferrule fuse (integral): 86kW 106 EET (160A) 105kW 200 EET (200A) Terminal connections: Auxiliary alarm Rising cage for 2.5mm² cable Control Rising cage for 2.5mm² cable Power M6 Stud Earth M6 Stud Torque settings 4.5 to 5Nm Status indicator (tracking control signal) LED changes intensity Over temperature: Trip in temp. @ 90°C (194°F) ±1°C (1.8°F) Trip out temp. @ 85°C (185°F) ±1°C (1.8°F) Fault condition Relay rated at 125Vac @ 2A Fault status: Phase loss LED flashes, continuous slow pulsing Sensor loss LED flashes, on/off fast pulsing Ambient temperature 65°C (149°F) (maximum) Fixing centres (W, D) 4 x 6mm (0.24”)  on centres 322 x 200mm (12.68 x 7.87”) Dimensions (L, W, H) 340 x 232 x 124mm (13.39 x 9.13 x 4.88”) Conformity CE Marked


Indramat  VMA 20 KB 001-D
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Indramat VMA 20 KB 001-D New, Surplus Stock 30 Days Warranty Free UK Shipping Our Ref - IND-JA-30/09-19

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B & R 400 Power Panel
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B & R 400 Power Panel New, Surplus Stock 3 Month Warranty Free Uk Shipping FUS Industrial Limited Our Ref - B&R-JA-27/09-19

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The machine consists of a wooden frame under which are lined up the following: 1. Front shaft of the apron 2. An apron – a fabric under which the wool is put 3. A box for the wool – placed exactly under the apron   (   Measures  )  Dimensions: Width  -   940  mm Length   - 1085 mm 4. Rear shaft of the apron All the shafts are made of wood 5. Two receiving shafts, placed one under another with sharp metal cam – gears, to receive the wool from the apron. 6. Metal shaft with a great number of metal cam-gears, receiving the wool from the previous ones. It hands over the wool from “a tambour” 7. Tambour – the biggest shaft, covered with a great number metal needles. Diameter: 930 mm 8. 4 numbers  small shaft with the same metal needles; diameter 80 mm; length – 960 mm 9. 4 numbers “workers” (bigger shaft)   diameter – 160 mm; length – 950 mm.  They are placed behind the small shaft 10. Brush – it has long metal peaks points with a diameter 200 mm 11. Medium shaft – diameter 80 mm 12. Last transmitting shaft with a great number of metal needles – diameter 470 mm 13. Separator for the wool – diameter 120 mm; length  1060 mm 14. Pressure shaft – diameter 60 mm ; length  1060 mm 15. Shaft for the ready production (it is wooden) diameter – 470 mm ; length – 1040 mm 16. Metal chain, which includes all rollers around the “tambour” &a mp;a mp;a mp;l t;/ p> 17. 5 numbers small straps 18. 1 big strap, called  “sheitan”&am p;am p;am p;lt ;/s pan> 19. 1 crank for running the machine 20. Whole width of the machine – 1700mm Whole length  -  3200 mm The machine can be transported after taking the shaft down and then they are placed in certain order according to their numbers. After that they may be regulated. The machine is hand-made without any specified time of its manufacture. It was used by 4 generations and there is a doubt for its usage during Turkish slavery (around 1820-1860 year)