Keep It Safe

Buying and Selling online can be an exciting process,
but it always helps to be careful and “Keep It Safe”. Below are a few simply points to consider whether you are buying or selling. We want you to enjoy it as much as we do, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.


Most of the things we can suggest will no doubt be common sense, but just in case, we have outlined some general advice for both buyers and sellers below. This is not exhaustive and is only meant as a guide to help, so please feel free to contact us should you have any other queries.

Never give out specific details in your adverts that may give away your identity to non-genuine buyers and sellers. Internet fraud and stolen identity are an ever increasing problem, so don't give anything away like phone numbers, personal email addresses and home/work addresses until you know they are a genuine buyer or seller. Users can contact each other via the website to exchange any information relating to the products being sold.

If you are meeting a buyer / seller to conclude your deal be sure to keep it as safe as possible. Meeting at your home address or place of work is fine, but it might be a good idea to have a friend or relative there, just to keep you company if nothing else. If you are meeting in a public place, let someone know where and when you are going in case of any emergencies and never take large sums of cash.

We have also put some useful links at the bottom of the page for more guidance and advice about buying and selling online.


Detail - Give as much detail in your adverts as possible to best describe what you are selling. A good description and some quality photos will always give buyers more confidence and will go a long way to helping you sell your items.

Delivery and Shipping - Sometimes it may not always be possible or practical for the buyer to collect and they may ask you if you can post it to them. Ensure all items are packed safely and it may be worthwhile checking what level of cover you get on standard parcels / pallets, if it’s not quite enough, always contact the buyer to see if they would like increased cover on their goods. Never ship liquids or other hazardous substances without consulting the shipping company first, they may well be able to carry them, but make sure they have a detailed description of the goods. Make sure you have weighed and measured your items correctly before you give buyers shipping costs, if you get them wrong it will cost you more and it may not even fit in the couriers van!

Payment - There are many different forms of payment these days from Paypal to cash on collection, but be sure that no matter what payment they are doing, the funds have cleared before you release the goods. We would always recommend, where practical, that buyers and sellers meet to conclude the sale. If being paid in cash, check the notes, more information can be found on The Bank of England website. However, if meeting in person isn't practical the best option may be Paypal. This will be the safest option for both you the seller and the buyer. Paypal offer a safe and secure service, but make sure you check their terms and conditions so you know what documents to keep handy in case there is a problem.

Quality of goods – Everyone will have different expectations of what they are buying and selling, but as a seller you will have a minimum level of responsibility to ensure prospective buyers know exactly what they are receiving and that it is fit and safe for the purpose described. Some helpful places on the internet to look at if you are unsure are SOGA and the HSE website under the sale of second-hand goods (re-supplied) products. There is a significant amount of detailed information on both sites that will help you when advertising your goods. Being as detailed and honest as possible about what you are selling not only helps you sell your items, but lets the buyer know what, if anything, they will need to do before they start using the equipment.

Restricted Items - Below is a list of the items that are strictly forbidden to be sold on this site. We feel that this will create a better and safer service for both buyers and sellers.

  • Ammunition, Firearms, Knives and other weapons
  • Stolen Items
  • Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco and other related items
  • Counterfeit products
  • Animals, Livestock and pets


Payment - The best option is to collect in person if you can, obviously this is won’t be possible or practical all the time. Paypal is a great method to pay for goods as it is a secure method of getting payment to the seller and it also offers security for the buyer. Paypal can be used through the website, so it is also one of the easiest ways as well, remember to check with the Paypal site to ensure you keep all the records required in case you do encounter any problems.

Details - Don't be afraid to ask the seller questions about the item if you are unsure of something, it is better to get all the information you need before making the decision to bid on or buy an item. If the seller is a genuine seller they will have no hesitation in giving you all the details you need to make your decision.

Ownership - Some machinery and products, especially high value items, may have been financed and still have outstanding polices against them. If you have any concerns or worries, check with the seller before making any payments. If you purchase any goods with outstanding finance against them you may well become responsible for this when you take ownership of the goods.

Collection - Some items can be quite large or fragile, so make sure you have the means to collect your goods. If you are getting the seller to pack and ship the item for you be sure they have packed it securely and got all the necessary insurance, you may need to pay more for expensive items, but it will be worth the extra in case it gets damaged in transit. If you need any help with collections and deliveries, we are always available to help you move them from A to B quickly and safely, just contact us for information

Useful Links

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Further to the advice here we can be contacted either by phone or email if you have any doubts or suspicions about any advert, buyer or seller using this site. See contact page for details